caroline s'jegers - dj caroline

“You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” - Mary Oliver

Caroline S’Jegers, the founder of ‘ícaro events’, is a dedicated Conscious Dance entrepreneur. She is the co-organizer of Ecstatic Dance Belgium and travels around the world with her passion: teaching workshops, DJing and leading (dance) ceremonies.

The sounds and words of DJ CaroLine can be summarized in three words: uplifting, deep and soulful. She uses music and dance as poetry, while listening to her heart’s desire:

“Music moves and shapes me. It makes me fall in love with dance – again and again – and inspires me to create from a place of utter presence. As an Ecstatic DJ, I play with sounds and silence, with melody and rhythms, and with depth and expansion. As a facilitator, I explore new realms while taking movers on a playful adventure into the landscapes of body and soul. As a dance fanatic, I continue traveling – as a way to expand my vision and (he)art, and to share my deep-felt passions. On the dance floor – as in life – magic happens.”

Caroline holds a BA in Psychology and a MA in Cultural Anthropology, and absorbed herself into the cross-cultural study of dance and healing. During many years, Caroline worked as a freelance (travel) writer and photographer for several mind-style Magazines. She speaks the language of the body and journeys around the world in order to continuously expand her vision and creativity. She is passionate about combining dream/shadow work (Gestalt Awareness Practice) with her practice of dance. She envisions a world in which the masculine and the feminine can be nourished and cherished so balance can be created - within and without. By interweaving Theatre of Freedom and Love Activism into her work, she is able to bring social awareness about global issues. Together with her husband, Caroline brings back the dance to the land and envisions a better future where community life flourishes again.

* The meaning of “ícaro”: magic or alchemy.

** Rooted in soulful creation. Dancing into connection.


faranak mirjalili

Faranak Mirjalili is an devoted seeker of the Feminine and has dedicated her work to the research, revival and serving of the Sacred Feminine in a time of global crisis. 

Faranak comes from an entrepreneurial background of 10 years where she build 2 companies and managed teams from an early age. After a decade of entrepreneurship, she decided to drop an old way of life and switched profession by becoming a student at the Carl Jung Academy of Amsterdam.
Working with dreams and symbols had always been a guiding thread throughout her life. Dance was an integral part of moving through various stages of transformation and crisis. She is currently doing field research on the connection of the organs of the body to the personal and collective unconscious, with an emphasis on the importance of the heart in the transformation of consciousness. The research takes the Throat as a focus point by researching the relationship to the Animus (inner male partner for women) through this organ.

Her interest and work is on how the body and wisdom of a new emerging Feminine can be of service in a time of global crisis.  

"Women hold a significant role in the transformation of our global crisis. The feminine has been forgotten so completely, that it has become very difficult for women to connect to their true feminine essence. In the past, women would be initiated into the wisdom of the feminine by their elders, their mothers and grandmothers who held a certain energy alive in the lineage of women. We come from a culture and generation that has lost these traditions. Although we will not be going back to the ancient times of the Priestesses and the Indigenous, we can still learn a lot from ancient myths, rituals and ways of life. We can start to remember the ways of the feminine and let Creation herself guide us into weaving this into the New Feminine that is waiting to rise within us all, for the sake of this beautiful planet we call Earth and her ancient Soul; the Anima Mundi."

Faranak offers Dreamwork & Mythology courses online as well as Pulsework in Amsterdam - working with the electricity of the body and its organs to support the nervous system both as a support for the deeper inner work as well as a healing and relaxing modality. You can follow her work through her website