Dancing in Her Flames: Journey through the Myth of the Goddess.


Long long ago, women used to gather. Gather with their bodies and soul to honour, to revere, to praise and love the sacred feminine. With the patriarchal culture, much of this wisdom of the feminine has been lost and women have forgotten their innate feminine essence. Dance is a universal expression of creation in many ancient myths and stories, it is a common thread through shamanic and indigenous tribes. It is a powerful activation of lifeforce, Shakti, and when this is directed and dedicated to the oneness and towards the sacred nature of life, it becomes a powerful tool of transformation. Both individually and collectively, dance has always been a medicine and a way of relationship to others and to the invisible worlds.

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Another part of the ancient traditions was wisdom transmitted through mythical stories. There are ancient myths and archetypes living in our unconscious depths, in the deepest parts of humanity, that have been expressed through mythical gods and goddesses of ancient cultures. In our modern world, we know often very little of these archetypes living within us, whereas we come from a collective history that revered and honoured these archetypes for many many thousands of years. These archetypes still live within us, even though we may not be aware of them, and when they are unknown, they often decide the fate of our lives in an unconscious way, rather than a co-creating relating and unfolding of a specific tone and expression of creation that comes from the depths of the inner world.

Through the oral tradition of storytelling, Faranak will take us with a Jungian perspective into these ancient goddesses, by ‘listening’ with our feminine heart and body, we can come to feel tones of the archetype within ourselves or in our lives... then, gradually, Caroline will take us further into a dance pilgrimage together as a group, yet seated in our individual centre, and from here we express, dance and devote to the most hidden core of our feminine being and that of the whole.

It is said that when women gather together, in the name of the sacred, in the expression and service of the oneness of creation, they form together a field and power that could unite and heal the fragmented and separated world and culture we live in today.

There is only one requirement; to leave yourself at the door and enter Her infinite heart.

Come and journey with us if you feel Her call….



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