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Dancing in Her Flames: Anahita

What are the Mysteries of Water? 
What is the relationship of the Feminine with the Lake, 
the Oceans, the Waters of Life? 

Journey with us as Faranak takes us back to her own indigenous roots of ancient Persia. Come, and listen to the stories of how Anahita appeared to her in dreams in times of intense crisis and helped her restore an ancient connection in both body and soul to an essential part of the Feminine. The Persian Mysteries have been forgotten, covered over by the modern patriarchal structures of Iran with much consequences. Anahita was worshipped in ancient Persia for a very long time. She is said to 'bless womens wombs' and 'purify mens semen' - she was known as the sensual Goddess, the fertility goddess for both body and land. She was the Lady of the Lake and could teach women and men the mysteries of Water and the body. 

Come and journey with us through our 5th Archetypal Journey through the Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine if you feel Her call. We will start with Dreamwork, followed by ritual, storytelling and embodied Dance with DJ CaroLine!

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Entry: 25,- euro 

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